2016 Dates: Monday July 25th – Saturday August 6th (Wells Cathedral School, Somerset)


The Courses: we offer courses for complete beginners, students in Y9-10 who are already studying towards a GCSE, students who (will) have just completed their GCSEs and students in either of the two A-Level years. Everyone receives three formal teaching sessions per day and works in between these sessions preparing ahead as instructed by their course tutors. Our usual minimum age for a residential place is 15 but exceptions are made for the occasional Y10 student who happens to be young for their yeargroup. We are happy to accept non-residents under 15.

Our Key Aims: the main aim (other than for the complete beginners) is to become more fluent and read more widely, providing an additional confidence in the language and interest in the literature, as well as the obvious considerable advantage for forthcoming public exams and university applications. For the younger groups this course is often an excellent introduction to reading original Latin literature more widely than is required for the “learning” of GCSE set texts. More advanced groups will be stretched with a range of texts and authors they may never have seen before which can make for an excellent line on personal statements and fuel for top end university interviews.

Food and Board: all meals and tuition are included in the residential fee and individual dietary requirements can usually be catered for at no extra charge. Accommodation is provided in usually shared rooms (or possibly single if you are one of our older students) within boarding houses on the school site. Facilities include Tennis courts and a swimming pool, with the local shops and market just a few minutes’ walk away. The Summer School runs its own tuck shop.

The Tutors: the tutors are all highly qualified subject specialists, of whom almost all are practising Classics teachers from some of the country’s leading schools and many are experienced current or recent Latin public examiners. As such they understand how school pupils learn, the sorts of linguistic areas with which even the more able will struggle, and how our courses can directly contribute towards success in public examinations as well as enrich them more generally.

Fluency v Grammar Work: Although revision of Latin grammar is not a primary focus of the Latin Summer School, we do offer grammar clinics on various topics (e.g. Participles & ablative absolutes or uses of the subjunctive). We set and test small sections (e.g. adjective endings) for revision each day as appropriate to the reading level of each group.

U18 Students: as well as the drive for academic excellence, we take our responsibilities for looking after the U18 students very seriously. All or almost all of our team are practising teachers whose regular jobs require an awareness and adherence to child protection and whose principal concern is to ensure that they are well cared-for and happy while in our care. U18 students reside in separate U18 boarding houses with a tutor in overall charge of their wellbeing, there is regular adult presence in the houses during the day and a tutor on duty throughout the evening and night. There is a comprehensive Summer School policy on U18 students which tutors consistently adhere to.

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Why Come?

  • You have never had the opportunity to study Latin but would like to learn
  • You are learning Latin at school in preparation for GCSE / A-level, or you want to bridge the gap between the two
  • You are already taking A-level and are considering a Classical course at university
  • You are intending to read a subject at university, or undertake postgraduate research, for which Latin would be useful
  • You are about to teach Latin for the first time or embark on a PGCE - we have courses for A) people who have studied Latin to quite a high level but have no experience teaching it yet, and B) teachers with no or limited Latin experience who find themselves having to teach it and need to consolidate their knowledge of the langage
  • You have begun Latin at university and need to reinforce your knowledge of the language

What’s on Offer?

  • 12 days of concentrated focus on Latin language and culture
  • 3 formal teaching sessions per weekday (2 on Saturday), giving the chance to read whole texts, both prose and verse
  • A full programme of lectures on aspects of Roman life and literature, with speakers from universities and museums
  • Daily basic, advanced and “drop-in” grammar clinics
  • The chance to meet university lecturers from a variety of Classics departments
  • Organised excursions to see the Roman sites at Bath and Caerleon / Caerwent
  • Classical drama and Roman cooking workshops

Images from Latin Camp

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