Trips and Events

Various trips and events take place over the 2 weeks to help ensure a fulfilling Camp:

QUIZ NIGHT: intended as an ice-breaker as much as a bit of fun, we have a quiz night one evening early in the first week instead of a talk – we will split you all into groups for rounds on such as Roman history, Roman mythology, a numbers round, a Latin “name that tune” round, and a picture round – big big prizes! (No additional cost.)

WALES TRIP: over the middle weekend we visit the Roman permanent stone barracks, bath-house and amphitheatre in Caerleon and the Roman town of Venta Silurum in Caerwent. There is a local guide who shows us round Caerwent and a talk before we leave on the overall trip. Click here for some more academic information. (NB this trip will cost an additional £10 if you wish to participate.)

BATH TRIP: arguably the best Roman site in the UK and just 20 miles away from Latin Camp – the bath-house and temples of the amalgamated Romano-Celtic god Sulis Minerva is conveniently positioned in the centre of the beautiful city of Bath, affording us a lovely afternoon trip culminating in a visit to the Roman site in the evening. The night before, we are treated to a talk by Stephen Bird who runs the site. (This trip is included within the residential course fee.)

HELLENIC BOOKSERVICE: the Classics teaching world is lucky to have a bookshop which specialises in classical books, but also DVDs, posters and all sorts of merchandise. They bring their wares (from their shop in London) down to Camp and usually run early in the second week for a couple of days.

ROMAN COOKERY CLASS: Dr. Mark Grant is something of an expert who has published on this subject. He comes in, brings the ingredients and runs two sessions over the day, one at lunchtime and another later in the afternoon then you eat the products. (NB this costs roughly £5-£10 extra just to cover the cost of the ingredients.)

LAST NIGHT PLAY AND PARTY: on the very last night the tutors will entertain you with a rendition of a well-known Plautus play then we have a fancy-dress party in Roman costumes! Big prizes for the best costumes, and people spend a lot of time trawling the charity shops in the days leading up to the party!