2020 Dates: Monday July 20th – Saturday August 1st (Harrogate Ladies’ College, Yorkshire)


Attending Latin Camp this year has been an invaluable experience which has enabled me to progress in the Latin language more than I had ever thought possible and to make friends for life from all over the world. The teaching, lectures, trips and events were all of a superb quality.” (Sophia Kerrigan-Noble, Student at Camp 2019)

Latin Camp 2020 will be, for the first time, in the quintessential historic spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire. (Click here for more information about the town.) Usually our youngest students are post-Y10 but we will consider post-Y9 students if they have done three years’ Latin or wish to join a beginners’ group. Please see the dropdown menu above for full details on what we are all about. (Other than the move to Harrogate we are offering exactly the same service and setup as we always have.)

Please email Director David Stephenson – d.stephenson@warwickschool.org – with any other questions.