2022 Dates: Monday July 18th – Saturday July 30th (Harrogate Ladies’ College, Yorkshire)


I absolutely loved Latin Camp. I’ve never had the opportunity to surround myself with so many people with the same passion for antiquity and I don’t know where else I can easily find one. I learned an insane amount and my grasp of the language improved by leaps and bounds. I also found a community of friends and scholars – the language work per se was incredible but so too is the whole experience which brought everyone together. The connections I have formed here are invaluable, the memories are unforgettable and that, for me, is what makes Castra Latina truly special – that the Latin takes on a face, a name, a smile; that it really does come alive for you.” (Elan Garfias, student at Camp 2019.)

After a fantastic first year in our new home Latin Camp 2022 will be, once again, in the quintessential historic spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire. (Click here for more information about the town.) Non-resident students are welcome to join us as always. Please see the dropdown menu above for full details on what we are all about and all our courses – in short we are here for anyone at any level, from complete beginners up to post A-Level standard and everyone else in between, with an interest in studying Latin.

Usually our youngest students are age 15 but we will consider slightly younger students if they have studied Latin for at least three years or wish to join a complete beginners’ group. We have a lot of age 15-18 school students and age 19-25 university students but there is no age limit – we have had people as old as 80 study with us because they have acquired a love for Latin and the Classics later in life – so please do apply online no matter what your circumstances.

We were delighted with the success of the remote Latin Camp in 2020 – students and staff alike made the very best of it – but it was not a patch on the live version we were delighted to deliver once again in 2021. The classes, grammar clinics and talks can be effectively replicated remotely but that’s about it – so much learning happens in all the “in-between” moments, be they in small groups between lessons sat out in the sun, or at night in the boarding houses. That said, Latin Camp is about so much more than just reading Latin. It’s about the camaraderie of meeting like-minded people. It’s about bonding in the houses. It’s about witnessing the interaction of staff, students and speakers. It’s about the joy of the Hellenic Bookservice visiting and setting up their shop just for us. It’s about the quiz, the site visits, the staff play, the costume party. It’s about discovering, identifying with and joining a wider community of classicists, making contacts and friends for life.

In the event of a live Latin Camp still being impossible due to Covid we will revert to a remote version once again (price in the region of £350) and you will have the option to either switch to this or withdraw altogether with a full refund. There are no current plans to run live and remote concurrently but this will be reviewed when we have a better idea of numbers. So if you are sure you would not be able to join us live but would be interested in a remote option, please do not apply online but email Director David Stephenson – d.stephenson@warwickschool.org – who will get back to you should a remote option become available later.

Existing teachers or people about to enter the profession – Classics for All and the Roman Society may be able to provide partial funding. Please look in the information on teachers’ courses for more details.

Please email Director David Stephenson – d.stephenson@warwickschool.org – with any questions not covered on this website.