Latin Camp – Application Form

Your contact information

NB please do not use any accents (in this or any other box) as the website struggles to recognise them!
By what name (e. g. Tom or Thomas) would you to be addressed at Camp?
If this is a school email, please check at school that it can be reached from an external address - some schools set up pupil emails so that they can only be reached internally.
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Please upload a portrait of yourself. Just you please and mainly face and shoulders. It should be under 2MB and either JPG or PNG format.
How old will you be when the Summer School begins?
I. e. The phone you will have with you in July / August DURING THE SUMMER SCHOOL (for UK phones PLEASE PUT A SPACE between the 5 digit code (including the 0) and 6 digit number)
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Academic Referee

Please provide details of someone we can ask for some more academic information - if you are already studying Latin, this should be whoever is most closely involved in teaching you and ideally knows you well. If you are a complete beginner, a tutor of some kind is fine. PLEASE make sure that this person is happy to act as a referee and that you have their correct details.
If this is a teacher's school email address, please get their direct email if at all possible, rather than just using the central school email.

Your Schooling

Please give the exact title of the university or college course – e. g. “Classics 1” / “Ancient History and Archaeology” / “Literae Humaniores 1B” – as this will help give us a further idea of how much Latin you will have covered and what sort of group you will be best served in.

Your Exam Results

For how many years will you have studied Latin BY THIS COMING JULY? Enter 0 if zero
How many hours taught Latin are you receiving per week during term time?
Enter the year in which you stopped studying Latin - calendar year (e. g. 2019), NOT the school yeargroup you were in please.
Please be as specific as you can about what you are hoping to get out of spending two weeks at Latin Camp!
Please list all original Latin texts (we're not interested in what you've read just in translation) and/or coursebooks which you will have read by this coming July. Please give specific details (e. g. Aeneid 2, lines 23-400 in Latin, rather than just Aeneid 2) and state if it was as a GCSE or A Level set text. This is particularly important if you have not been taught Latin for a while but have been reading anything by yourself to get back up to speed. NEAR BEGINNERS - if you are a near-beginner with 2 years' experience or less, it would be very useful to know what basic grammar you have met - please tell us whether you have been introduced to subjunctives, participles (including ablative absolutes) and/or indirect statements. IF YOU HAVE NOT STUDIED LATIN FOR MORE THAN A YEAR - please tell us roughly when you read these texts. (We get students with various experiences who can be quite hard to place in a group if we do not know enough about them.)

Medical or Dietary Requirements

  • Asthmatic? Type of inhaler
  • Do you have any allergies? (Food, medicine, exposure to anything e. g. animals?)
  • Diabetic? Type of epipen
  • Any other prescription medication you will be bringing (which you will keep and self-medicate)
  • Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Or is there any other food you cannot eat for any other reason (e. g. due to religious beliefs)
  • If you are receiving any kind of specialist medical care, please give the emergency contact number and email of your doctor.
  • If you are on any special medication which someone else would have to administer in an emergency, please give details on exactly how this must be done.

Future Publicity

There will be various photos taken of individuals or groups over the Summer School. Some may be used in future publicity, most obviously on the website and brochures / fliers for future years but also possibly on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Any Other Information?