Staff Policies and U18 Students

As well as the drive for academic excellence, we take child protection and general student welfare very seriously. U18s students reside in U18-only boarding houses, with a tutor in overall charge of each, and our key aim is to ensure a warm, friendly and supportive environment. There is regular adult presence during the day and a tutor will be present on duty throughout the evening and night. Many of our tutor team have significant experience working in boarding schools, whose regular jobs require an awareness of child protection. There are various U18 rules which we have to enforce (and react if they are broken) but the chief concern is to ensure that the students are well cared-for and happy.

The Assistant Director (i/c student welfare), Sophia Potter, acts as DSL (Designated Safety Lead). As an assistant headmistress, she has a wealth of experience in ensuring pastoral welfare and the safeguarding of young people.

There are three key policy documents which staff receive prior to each Summer school and are expected to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with by the time the students arrive.

  1. U18s students and general student welfare (click here)
  2. Staff code of conduct (click here)
  3. GDPR compliance (click here)

Parents of U18 students receive copies of these as part of the email accepting their children / wards onto each Summer School. The acceptance form they are required to sign includes an acknowledgement that they have read and understood these. (O18 students just receive the GDPR compliance document.)