Daily Routine and Programme of Clinics, Trips and Speakers


8.00 – 8.45 BREAKFAST 5.00 – 6.00 Session 3
9.00 – 10.00 Session 1 6.00 – 7.00 SUPPER
10.00 – 11.40 Time for Private Study 7.00 – 8.00 Evening Lecture
11.40 – 12.40 Session 2 10.15 Curfew (15-16s)
12.40 – 1.30 LUNCH 10.30 Curfew (17s)
1.45 – 2.30 Grammar Clinics (optional) 11.00 QUIET IN HOUSES
2.30 – 5.00 Time for Private Study    


2022 Daily Variations – Clinics, Trips and Speakers

Click here for details on the 2022 speakers.

Mon July 18th
  2.00pm Arrivals begin (staggered over the afternoon by house)
  5.40pm Welcome session / group allocation then supper
  7.00pm Introductory teaching session – in classrooms
  8.00pm Welcome party
Tues July 19th
  1.30pm Clinic: purpose / indirect command      Advanced Clinic: tackling tough texts
  7.00pm Dr. Anthony Bowen, Jesus College, Cambridge  The Sound of Latin
Wed July 20th 
  1.30pm Clinic: fearing clauses     Advanced Clinic: scansion (elegiacs)
  7.15pm Quiz Night!
Thurs July 21st
  1.30pm Basic Clinic: result clauses      Advanced Clinic: tackling Ovid unseens
  7.15pm Prof. Caroline Vout, Christ’s College, Cambridge – The Ugliness of Ancient Art 
Fri July 22nd
  1.30pm Clinic: conditional clauses     Advanced Clinic: gerunds and gerundives
  7.15pm Dr. Ben Kane (novelist) – Military Life on Hadrian’s Wall
Sat July 23rd
  11.00pm Session start time for all groups
  12.40pm Talk for everyone going on the Hadrian’s Wall trip tomorrow
  1.20pm Lunch for all those staying on site over the weekend
Sun July 24th
  9.00am Breakfast and packed lunch collection
  6.00am Coach departs for optional Hadrian’s Wall trip (return c.6.30pm)
  7.15pm Prof. Edith Hall, Durham University – Rescuing Dido from Augustan Propaganda
Mon July 25th
  1.30pm Clinic: participles (+ abl. abs.)      Advanced Clinic: miscellaneous uses of the subjunctive
  7.15pm Prof. Matthew Leigh, St. Anne’s College, Oxford – Livy: History as Example (special ref. to book 1)
Tues July 26th
  1.30pm Clinic: indirect statements      Advanced: extended oratio obliqua
  7.15pm Prof. Llew Morgan, Brasenose College, Oxford An Introduction to Horace
Wed July 27th
  11.00am Trip to York – Roman sites and various other attractions
  Afternoon Hellenic Book Service
Thurs July 28th
  All day Hellenic Book Service
  1.30pm Basic Clinic: gerunds and gerundives     Advanced Clinic: key constructions – English into Latin
  7.15pm Prof. Costas Panayotakis, Glasgow University – Petronius’ Satirical Odyssey
Fri July 29th
  Morning Hellenic Book Service (closes at lunchtime)
  1.30pm Basic Clinic: introduction to lit. crit.    Advanced Clinic: key constructions – English into Latin
  7.30pm Staff production of a Plautus Play followed by Fancy Dress Party (big prizes!!)
Sat July 30th
  9.00am Normal teaching session (wind-up of texts if necessary or an unseen!)
  10.00am Supervised cleaning, tidying and packing in houses
  11.00am Back to classes for questionnaires / certificates
  11.30am Plenary session in lecture room
  12.00pm End of Latin Camp!