Food and Accommodation

MEALS: all three meals each day are included in the residential fee and individual dietary requirements can usually be catered for at no extra charge. Non-residents may bring their own packed meals onto the site and/or they have the option to eat with us on a “pay as you go” basis per-meal (exact cost to be announced nearer the time).

U18 ACCOMMODATION: accommodation for U18 students is in single-sex boarding houses, typically in shared bedrooms (almost all doubles and triples) between students of similar if not identical age, with communal washing facilities. (Though one can expect baths and showers to be in separate cubicles.) Single rooms are at a premium and an U18 student will likely only get one in the case of significant medical or pastoral concerns warranting one. Each house has its own laundry and kitchen facilities (with tea, coffee, milk and cordial provided) and at least one living / TV room. Requests to share with friends will be invited before final rooming allocation.

O18 ACCOMMODATION: O18s can usually expect to be in a double room (with a student of the same sex and of a similar age) or possibly a single, again with communal boarding house facilities. Single rooms are allocated firstly based on any medical issues, then on the basis of age (as far as the room distribution in the different houses enables) with the oldest students at the front of the queue. (Based on previous years’ age ranges it would be very surprising if anyone over the age of 25 did not get a single but there can be no guarantees until quite near the start.) Adults have from time to time found they have preferred to investigate local accommodation and consider the non-resident option but the boarding house accommodation is pretty comfortable! Requests to share with friends will be invited before final rooming allocation. The houses may be single-sex or mixed, depending on overall numbers of each. If they are mixed, we do our best to have at least single-sex corridors and communal facilities if not whole floors. (Again, this depends on overall numbers.)

AIRBNBS: if Camp becomes oversubscribed the oldest students may end up being allocated to Airbnb accommodation within easy walking distance. (This will be discussed with the students concerned nearer the time.) This will probably cost Camp a little more but your residential fee will be unaffected and you will still be provided with three meals per day, whether these are on site or at the Airbnb.

ISOLATION AREAS: there will be one communal area (possibly a spare bedroom but more likely a big living room) in each boarding house in the event of anyone not in a single room becoming unwell with something potentially infectious. There will be bedding available and all the obvious sanitary resources will be kept in the staff room in case they are needed, which of course we hope they won’t! This area will be out of bounds and available as an isolation room either for someone who is ill or for their room-mate(s) depending on the numbers involved, to reduce the risk of anything being passed on. This will be temporary – we do expect anyone becoming seriously ill to by collected by friends, family or guardians ASAP, but we appreciate that some people live far from Harrogate and that hence at least one more night at Camp may be necessary. In the event of very serious illness we will of course get you or your child to a local hospital.

FACILITIES: these include Tennis and Squash courts and a swimming pool. Use of all these is included within your course fee. The town is just a few minutes’ walk away and the Summer School runs its own tuck shop.