Terms & Conditions


By accepting the offer of a place at the Summer School, students undertake to attend for the full twelve days (unless arrangements have been made with the Director in advance).


We expect students to behave in a civil manner towards other students and the staff at all times.


Students are asked to be considerate at all times, and especially in the evening and at night when others may be trying to work or to sleep. For the sake of other students and other residents in the area, we ask that there is no noise outside rooms before 7a.m. and after 10.45 p.m.


We have to check that all students are safe and well and back at a sensible time each evening. Those students of school age will be expected to i) stay in minimum groups of 3 when going into town in the evening and ii) be in their houses by 11.00pm.


Some of the facilities at Wells Cathedral School are made available for the use of Summer School students; they do so entirely at their own risk.


Nobody of any age may smoke anywhere on the school premises. This is, of course, to reduce the risk of fire as well as a basic consideration for other people.


This should not be consumed by persons under the age of 18 anywhere or at any stage of the Summer School.


Any illegal drugs discovered will be immediately reported to the police and result in immediate dismissal from the Summer School.

You will be asked to sign an acceptance form which acknowledges that you understand and accept the above. (There is an additional policy on U18s which we require U18 students and their parents to read; the U18 acceptance form requires both parents and students to acknowledge that they understand and accept the contents of this document.) Please note that failure to abide by these few very simple rules may lead to a student being asked to leave the Summer School early without any refund.