Trips and Events

Various trips and events take place over the 2 weeks to help ensure a fulfilling Camp. Click here for the risk assessment for the York and Hadrian’s Wall trip. To participate on these you will need to acknowledge, when prompted near the start of Camp, that you have read understand and are happy with it. (Whether on behalf of yourself or your child/ward.)

QUIZ NIGHT: intended as an ice-breaker as much as a bit of fun, we have a quiz night one evening early in the first week instead of a talk – we will split you all into groups for rounds on such as Roman history, Roman mythology, a numbers round, a Latin “name that tune” round, and a picture round – big big prizes! (No additional cost.)

HADRIAN’s WALL: the Director or another experienced tutor will lead this trip (the wall is roughly two hours north of Harrogate), leaving very early on the middle Sunday morning and returning in time for the regular evening lecture. The wall was built by the eponymous Roman emperor as a defensive line at what was the very edge of the Roman Empire, just south of the modern Scottish border. As such there are a lot of very good remains of military bases as well as civilian settlements, not to mention some excellent museums. We will walk (for a couple of hours) along a section of the middle bit then visit various sites (with local guides) before getting back to Camp mid evening. Study will be led by the Camp staff on the trip and local guides dressed as Roman soldiers and/or Celtic tribesmen. Click here for some more academic information and here for a possible itinerary. There is an extra charge for this trip if you wish to participate, amount TBC. More information will be sent to signed-up students in May/June.

YORK TRIP: just 21 miles away from Latin Camp, York will provide a lovely little breather in the middle of the second week. It will include various site and museum visits (both Roman and more recent) and some free time in the city centre – for the plan and some details on the sites we will probably see, click here. The York trip is included within the course fee. 

HELLENIC BOOKSERVICE: the Classics teaching world is lucky to have a bookshop which specialises in classical books, but also DVDs, posters and all sorts of merchandise. They bring their wares (from their shop in London) down to Camp and usually run towards the end of the second week for a couple of days.

LAST NIGHT PLAY AND PARTY: on the very last night the tutors will entertain you with our version of a well-known Plautus play then we have a fancy-dress party in Roman costumes. Big prizes for the best costumes, and people spend a lot of time trawling the charity shops in the days leading up to the party!